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Damage a Hail Storm can cause on your Roof

Hail storms can cause serious damage to roofs. The larger the size of the hail, the more damage that can occur. The sizes of hail can range from a quarter to a tennis ball. Hail speed, wind, and the material of the roof are all factors that can cause damage. The impact from a harsh storm can cause cracking and bruising to the shingles on your roof, which can potentially lead to water damage inside of your home. Hail storms are incredibly hard to avoid, but there are way to search for potential damage to your home after one.

Hail Damage

How do you know there has been Damage to your Roof?

Damage to your roof can be cosmetic, but there are times when hail can cause serious foundational damage. After a storm, look around your property for potential signs of damage. This includes plants ripped up from the ground, car damage (broken windows, dents, etc.), damage to your gutters, branches down, shingles that have fallen from your roof, and your deck. Damage on plants and structures close to the ground does not always point to roof damage. The most important place to check for damage is your gutters. If your gutters are dented or torn off from your house, then there is most likely damage to your roof. There are a few different ways that damage can occur on your roof, so it is important to get it checked out.

Types of Damage

There are different sizes of hail, and the size plays a major role in how much damage will occur during a storm. Some examples of damage are granule loss, cracks in the shingles, exposed fiberglass mats, fractured fiberglass mats, and a weaked self-seal strip. 

Now, what can happen to your roof if these types of damages occur? Well, granules are the coating on top of the shingles. When these get stripped away, the asphalt coating gets exposed and will start to cause aging on your roof. Shingles are on your roof to protect your home, and cracks in the shingles will not guarantee protection from the outside elements. With cracked shingles, there are pathways for water to enter your home, which can cause flooding or mold. Shingles can also shatter if the hail is large and fast enough. This causes the fiberglass underneath the shingles to shatter. If that occurs, your home is at risk of other even more expensive damages.

Roof Damage

What does Hail Damage look like to your Roof?

Noticing hail damage on your roof can be hard to identify at first. It is a good rule of thumb that hail larger than 1inch, will most likely cause damage to your roof. Wind speed also plays a factor in damaging your roof. The higher the speed of the wind, the higher the chance of more serious damage occurring. Different shingles on your roof can have an effect on the damage that is done. Some homes may have wood shingles while others have asphalt and composition shingles.

Effects of Hail Damage to Wood Shingles v. Asphalt and Composition Shingles

After a storm, it is important to take a look at your shingles and see what damage has occured. This will let you know what type of shingles you have and what other damage may have occurred during the storm. Here are some of the differences between wood shingles and asphalt and composition shingles.

Wood Shingles:
  1. Splits in shingles have a brown/orange color
  2. Splits in shingles have sharp corners and edges
  3. Has impact marks or dents along the splits
Asphalt and Composition Shingles:
  1. Hail hits will appear black
  2. Loss of granules
  3. Appears shiny after hail damage
  4. Hail hits are soft to the touch
Hail Storm

Repairing Hail Damage done to Your Roof

Sometimes you cannot predict when a major hail storm is on the way. If you live in an area that is usually prone to hail storms, it is important to be aware that this could happen. Many aspects of your property can be damaged such as decks, cars, and landscaping. If you find signs of damage to your property, then it is important to call a roofing professional to come by and see if your roof is damaged. All damage to your roof can be repaired, so there is no need to fret! There are many different repair options, as the severity of the damage can vary from roof to roof. Your local Rhode Island storm damage expert will let you know how much damage has occurred and what the next steps are to fixing it.

Ignoring Roof Repairs

Ignoring damage to your roof can lead to many serious problems in your home. Even if the damage on your roof and shingles are mild, they can quickly expand causing leaks or ice dams. These leaks can cause even more expensive damage such as mold, wire and electrical damage, and rotting wood. These damages are very hard to detect and many people only spot them after they have caused extreme damage to your home. It is important to get ahead of these issues before they occur. After a storm, call your local storm damage repair professionals so that they can look deeper into the situation and get your roof repaired before these other damages take over your house.

Looking for a Rhode Island storm damage professional to take a look at your home? Sole Source Restoration specializes in storm damage and is able to take a look at your roof and repair all damage that your home has suffered.