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storm over city

Preventing Storm Damage After The Storm

While large storms can cause damage to your home, the damage doesn’t stop after the storm has passed. Your water-logged home may have more damage than you originally thought. When handled incorrectly, a storm damaged home can sustain more damage. It’s also unsafe to stay in a storm damaged home. There are certain steps you […]

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fire extinguishers

Do YOU Know Your Fire Classes?

Everyone’s instinct is to put out a fire with water. In some cases, water can spread the fire more. It’s important for everyone to know about fire classifications because not all fires are extinguished the same. There are 5 different fire classes. A, B, C, D, and K. The classifications group fires by what material […]

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fire damage

How Does Smoke Damage Affect Your Home?

The damage a fire causes doesn’t stop once the flames are put out. The smoke and soot can cause damage on everyday items that may have survived the flames. The faster these items are addressed, the less damage they’ll take in the long term. We understand that dealing with a fire is always stressful and […]

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Washing Your Hands

7 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean & COVID-Free

We’re a professional restoration & cleaning company, so we get to use the big, fancy, expensive cleaning equipment to thoroughly rid properties of any possible traces of the coronavirus. We recognize, however, this is not the case for your average household, who may be working with a bottle of disinfectant spray and a roll of […]

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