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As COVID-19 sweeps across our country, it’s important we maintain public health in both commercial and residential spaces. It’s even more important we educate ourselves on proper cleaning procedures when it comes to pathogens.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, there are a lot of companies attempting disinfection services, and believe me, every little bit of effort helps. However, most janitorial services use conventional cleaning methods that are outdated and can leave room for human error, not being directly geared towards airborne pathogens. That’s why at Sole Source Restoration we’ve implemented a superior line of defense when it comes to viral disinfection.

Our method of disinfection kills close to 99% of all germs, not just on surfaces but in the air as well. To do this, we utilize state of the art micro thermal fogging equipment, which emits a safe disinfectant fog that fills a room in seconds, saturating all air particles, eliminating airborne pathogens. Unlike low volume foggers which are primarily used for mold, micro thermal fogging gives you true three-dimensional surface coverage. Like underneath door handles, on keyboards and all other hard to reach areas. This system is the most effective because it’s able to breakdown disinfectant into droplets below 5 microns, getting close to 99% disinfection. We also reinforce disinfection by electrostatic spraying – in which an EPA-approved, hospital grade germicide is sprayed as an electrically charged mist. Our “COVID-19 Disinfection Program” is the absolute best bio-security measure for your residential or commercial property. When it comes to public health, don’t take any shortcuts.

“Ensuring our places are safer than ever before, because tomorrow’s on its way”