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How long does the disinfection treatment last on surfaces?

Our products leave a slight protective film, which can last on surfaces for up to 30 days. (depending on the wear and tear of surfaces).

What is the cleaning agent made of?

The cleaning agent for treatment is a hospital grade disinfectant that is enhanced with sporicide and virucide specific to Coronavirus.

Will it affect my pet?

No, our disinfectant is pet friendly.

Does the disinfectant leave a scent or odor?

Immediately after the service, there will be a deodorizing (clean) scent, which quickly dissipates within an hour or so, leaving no remaining smell.

Is the disinfectant approved for this purpose?

The disinfectant is EPA approved and on the CDC recommended list of approved disinfectants for COVID-19.

How long does it take to kill pathogens?

Our disinfectant kills most pathogens within minutes.

How long must a facility or home remain empty?

The recommended time for a facility or home to remain empty is for a minimum of 45-60 minutes after the disinfectant treatment.

What does the fog consist of?

The fog consists of a safe disinfectant.

Why is your micro thermal fogging superior to other fogging methods?

Unlike other methods of fogging/spraying, micro thermal fogging is one of the only methods capable of breaking down disinfectant between .5 to 5 microns making it small enough to kill microbes and pathogens getting close to a 99% disinfectant rate.

What is a micron?

A micron is a micrometer, which is roughly equal to roughly 1/20th of a hair follicle.

What protective equipment is used by technicians?

Our technicians wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to a full tyvex suit, rubber boots, rubber gloves, respirators, face shield/goggles and hearing protection.

What are some other advantages of micro thermal fogging?

Micro thermal fogging gives true (3-D) three-dimensional surface coverage, leaving no room for human error. It even reaches the hardest to reach places, such as: underneath doorknobs, handrails, in between computer keys, key locks and more.

Will the disinfectant irritate skin?

Our disinfectant is 100% Hypo-Allergenic, meaning it will not be harmful to your skin.

What separates your services from traditional restoration companies?

Sole Service Restoration utilizes state of the art equipment, quality disinfectant, and experienced technicians to deliver first-class service in disinfection applications, killing 99.9% of all pathogens, not only on all surfaces, but in the air as well. These factors combined allow us to provide you with professional service, outstanding quality, and an unmatched price!